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Additional Facilities for Rented Cars

Car renting is no longer a luxury that only some individuals can afford, but it has become a service at anybody's disposal who might need a fast and comfortable ride. As the rent-a-car accessibility has increased, it also increased the offer of every company, from the much varied car fleet made available to the additional facilities that you might need. At list as far as the companies for rent a car Bucharest are concerned, it is not an issue to need an extra facility or a certain car model and to not be offered to you. Because the client's satisfaction is the first step to success and to maintaining in the market a rent-a-car company, here are few things that raise your ride comfort and safety that, as client, you may claim and you won't be refused. 

Driver, if you don't have a licence or if you just don't want to drive yourself for any reason, from tiredness to the fact that maybe you wish to have a drink. Car chair for the child, so that the ride is completely safe for the child even if you possess a rented car. Snow chains and snow tyres so that the car fits the legal ride terms and that you are able to travel without any problem on any road you want no matter the season. Not lastly, the GPS system to ease driving to any location, either inside or outside the country. As you may see, the rented car could be endowed with anything it might be needed so that you can enjoy all comfort and safety required by a pleasant travel. By relying on rent-a-car services, in absence of your own car, you may use a rented car with the same ease, in any sense, from business relocations to family rides or trips.

December - Week In Review

This week in the magazine we saw a change in the publishing model. We shifted from a 3 day a week release schedule to a 5 day a week release schedule. Check it out: Class Acts: Rogue. Artist: Sarah Stone. I've already mentioned Sarah, but I have to share a story. I'm a simple kind of a guy, and simple things make me smile. In this case, it was praise for this image from the Editor-in-chief, Chris Youngs. His prime direction for this piece was "I want to see a character that makes me say 'I want to be that character'". Apparently Sarah caught that vibe well enough that he said "damn, I want to play that character!" Nice... Chaos Scar: The Brothers Gray. Artist: Patrick McEvoy. Cartographer: Sean Macdonald. Patrick is another recent addition to the stable. He clinched his place on my go-to list when he delivered on a killer tiefling piece a few months ago. Now I look forward to finding something new and interesting to push his ability to find a dynamic point-of-view. This was tough, with foreground and background elements of interest. 

His decision to use the time of day to create the dramatic lighting worked out very well. Sean was a name that was handed to me when I took over magazines. I have enjoyed working with him since starting in this position. The hardest task I have is keeping him busy - he's so darn fast! Expeditionary Dispatches. Artist: Wayne England. I've worked with Wayne for a while. I always loved the items and environments he created for D&D. One day he asked me to let him do some figurative work for me, and I haven't regretted the decision once. When he talked to me last month and asked to start doing some magazine work - I hesitated. Obviously, not because of his skill or quality, but rather becuase of the crushing schedule we often have for magazines. Since Wayne works traditionally, it adds some stress and strain to the process. Wayne assured me he could get the paintings done, and shipped across the globe within my time frame. He's never steered me wrong before, and he didn't this time either. Till next week...

Friday - Week In Review

So happy it's Friday! I've got so much fun stuff to look at from this past week. That ups the ante for getting the articles released, and ups the number of articles that require art. Luckily, I've got access to a talented pool of artists. Check out what went live this week: Warlord Essentials. Artist: David Rapoza. I love working with David. He hits the concept well, he gets the IP and where I'm trying to go with the characters. We has a great knack of giving the pieces life and energy. I hate Jeremy Jarvis for snatching him up so quickly for Magic. David... come away from the light! Hint: If you want to get noticed by Jeremy... do stellar work for D&D, let us fall in love with you, and he will come knocking on your door. It happens all too often. Roles: Defenders. Artist: Alex Aparin. Alex is a new find for me. I just started working with him this month. I found his submission in ArtDrop, and was happily floored when I received his first illustration for D&D.

I waited all of about 5 minutes before I showed him off to the rest of the D&D AD's... and hoped that Jeremy wouldn't notice him right away. Class Acts: Wizard. Artist: Sarah Stone. I started working with Sarah last month, and haven't regretted it for a moment. She brings a very fresh look and feel to D&D. All of the other D&D art directors were amazed that I took a chance on her. Not because she didn't have skill and talent, but rather because her portfolio had such an anime look to it. I was confident she could hit what I was looking for when I saw what she was doing for Sarah Robinson over a Paizo Publishing. Hit it she has. Power Play: Martial Power. Artist: Tyler Jacobson. I was introduced to Tyler through Irene Gallo at Tor Books, and I have enjoyed our burgeoning relationship since that day. He has several images in this months issue... I love Deva piece he did for Power Play: Divine, but you'll have to wait to see that one.

Character Design & Poses

The image of Betty and the cacti were drawn by Grim, himself. The doodles that surround the image are mine, which are studies from the classic cartoon, "Mysterious Mose". The purpose of this assignment (due to Bob's disappointment of our class's ability to properly use construction) was to design a character that could of existed in a 1930's theatrical short. It should have proper hierarchy and construction. Since I was fed-up with designing large characters, I wanted to do something that was "cute, girlish". So, it was off researching / drawing / analyzing the cartoons from that era (Swing, You Sinners, Mysterious Mose, Balloon Land, Toby Tortoise Returns, and some more) as well for some of the best comic greats (Otto Messure, and so forth).

Most importantly, however, was that I was studying the bulk of the work that was done by Grim Natwick, one of my heroes. The image was a slow, careful study from the Ub Iwerks cartoon, "Funny Faces". Is what came out, after several hours of studying Fleischer cartoons. However, while Bob liked it, he believed (and he was right, I might add) that it was too "Spumco-ish". Bob, being the awesome Fleischer geek that he his, had recommend me to watch the "lost" Betty Boop cartoon, "Buzzy Boop," as that title character had the qualities that would help my design ten-fold. Sadly, the final design is in Bob's possession. However, I do have the two poses that were made for this assignment. I hope you like these, Bob! Update: Bob was able to send me a scan of my final design. It is displayed at the top of this post. Thanks again, Mr. Jaques!

555 Integrated Circuits

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